Parents & Student Services

How many programs has your child attended where you have no idea what they are doing and you wonder if they are actually learning anything?

We believe the value of keeping the parents engaged as much as the students. We are striving to work with every student and parents individually and provide them with a range of value added services to enhance their experience and learning outcomes.

Student Services

  • Personalised Learning & Support – Regardless of when a new student commences our program, we start with the basics and choose a learning pathway appropriate for that student.
  • Special Needs – We are also happy to work with students with special needs. Just contact us.
  • Individual Assessments – Students are assessed at the end of the term and a personalised learning plan created for the following term focusing on the areas of improvement.*
  • Certification Exam – Opportunity to participate in a Certification Exam.*
  • Invitation Only Programs – Selected students are invited to participate in local, national, and international STEM, Coding & Robotics events and competitions.

*Only applies to our Coding and Robotics program. Does not apply
to Creative Coding and Robotics, Tinker Lab, and other programs
such as FLL programs.

Parents Services

  • Virtual Open Day – Online session where we share our program information and opportunity for parents to ask questions. Register for our 2021 Virtual Open Day here.
  • Workshop Updates – Regular updates from the workshops via Seesaw App and our Facebook page.
  • Parents Consultation – Parents of registered students are able to request an online consultation with us to discuss their child’s progress.
  • Term Reports – A school style report outlining your child’s progress highlighting any areas of improvement.

Please note that these services are offered in addition to our program. These are provided at no additional cost to parents, however, these may be withdrawn at any time without notice.