Blacktown South PS

We are truly excited to be bringing our Coding, Robotics, and STEM programs to the Blacktown South Public School community. Our programs will cater to students in all grades from Kindy to Year 6.

Our Programs

We have created a one-page program overview that will assist parents to understand our programs and different competency levels within each program.

Students in Kindy/Year 1 will have the option of enrolling in our Creative Coding/Robotics Program.

Students in Years 2, 3 and 4 can enroll in our Coding program.

Coding Program – In this program, we use the curriculum developed by Google/MIT and teach Scratch Coding. Students learn the fundamentals of coding using a block-based interface and create short stories and animations on the computers. No prior experience is required, we start with the basics and as time progresses, students create more complex stories and animations.

Students in year 3 and above can enroll in our Robotics program. We have highlighted the difference between the Coding and the Robotics program below.

Robotics Program – In this program, we use LEGO® Mindstorms® EV3 kit. This is the most advanced robotics kit from LEGO® and is used at events and competitions around the world. Students learn coding in this program as well, however, they are working with different types of motors and sensors. They are interacting with a physical robot and this program is much more interactive compared to the Coding program. Some of our experienced students participate in local and international Robotics competitions. Read more about our FIRST LEGO League team’s success in our 2019 wrap.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the Creative Coding/Robotics (Kindy/Y1) and the Coding (Years 2, 3, 4) program is normally $180 for an eight-week term, however, in term 1 we are offering a six-week program, so the cost of the program is $135 for term 1; only $35 if you use your $100 Creative Kids voucher.

We are trying to encourage more girls into following the STEM disciplines and so offering a 20% discount for girls in this program only.

The cost of the Robotics program (Years 3+) is normally $299 per term of eight-weeks, however, in term 1 we are offering a six-week program, so the cost of the program is $224.25.

You pay only $124.25 if you have the Creative Kids voucher or $99.4 for girls with the girls discount and the Creative Kids voucher.

Use your $100 Creative Kids Voucher with us

We accept the $100 Creative Kids voucher so you will get $100 off on either of the programs you choose.


All programs will be offered on Tuesdays after-school within the School premises from 3.15 PM to 4.45 PM. Pick up is between 4.45 PM till 5 PM. We can drop off your child to the after-school care if required.

Term 1 Dates – 25 Feb till 31 Mar

Please enroll online here.

Feel free to ring us on 0468 386 362 if you have any other questions or need assistance with the registration.