Coding / Robotics @ Parklea PS

Dear Parents,

We are excited to be working with the Parklea P&C association as well as the School administration to bring you our Coding / Robotics program at Parklea Public School.

We have developed introductory 4-week programs that everyone can participate in and discover the wonderful world of Coding and Robotics.

Year 2 an 3 students will be able to learn Coding using the curriculum developed by Google and MIT. Or students in years 3 and above will learn to code different types of motors and sensors through our Robotics program. Both programs will be offered within the school premises on Wednesdays after-school from the week of 21st July. Parents of Kindy and Year 1 students are encouraged to express their interest by registering on our website for our Creative Coding & Robotics program on Saturday afternoons.

These programs will be at no cost to parents if they are able to provide us with their $100 Creative Kids voucher. Online registration is required. Click here to register now.

Our programs at Parklea will continue beyond the initial 4 week term. Please download our prospectus if you would like to learn more about us, our programs, our locations, and fees.

We are excited to be part of Parklea Public School’s journey to promote technology as an essential 21st century tool.