High School Engineering Program

Why High School Engineering Program?
  • Learn the fundamentals of engineering
  • Learn and gain practical hands-on experience with ‘industry’ standard design, mechanical, electronics, and software design processes and tools
  • Apply the learning immediately to solve a practical engineering challenge
  • Develop life skills such as leadership, collaboration, problem-solving, project/time management, strategy, etc
What is High School Engineering Program?

This program will see students working with “industry-standard” and “real” mechanical, electronics, and software components to design, build, and program their robot. Students will learn and work with metal chassis, drive trains, timing-belts, sensors, and real tools such as screw-drivers, allen keys, spanners, wrench, pliers, etc. to construct their own robot. In addition, students will also learn electronic control systems to power their mechanical robot as well as coding to make it all work. It goes without saying that students will also learn soft-skills such as leadership, collaboration, problem solving, project/time management, strategy, etc. While all students will learn the basics of mechanical, electronics, and software programming to begin with, students will have the option to specialise in one of these areas depending on their interest.


This program provides a pathway for interested students to participate in the FIRST® Tech Challenge (FTC) program.

In addition to learning the technical and soft skills, students will participate in a range of entrepreneurial activities to promote their FTC team activities including documenting, marketing, fundraising, multimedia production/editing, etc.

What is FIRST® Tech Challenge (FTC)?

Program Outline


Recommended For:
  • High school students
  • Primary school students by invitation
  • Develop and continue interest in STEM/Robotics and develop a pathway for a future engineering related career
  • Develop a portfolio of achievements in this emerging field
  • Potential to volunteer or secure an internship in this field during high school
  • Develop soft skills in a challenging but friendly and entrepreneurial environment
What does it Cost?
  • $329.99 per term, all equipment/tools are provided
  • Additional fees apply for participating in the FTC program
What you need to bring?
  • Laptop Computer
  • Safety Glasses
  • Safety Gloves
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