Creative Store

Creative Store

We are really excited to introduce our Creative Kids Store where you will find a range of STEM products and courses that your child can follow. There is a variety of bundles that will introduce your child to coding, robotics, electronics, and STEM disciplines. Most products come with an online eLearning step-by-step course that you and your child can follow to build and code a range of projects. You can receive additional support through our exclusive student/parent portal.

Key Features

  • Our product bundles and courses are carefully designed to be hands-on, relevant, engaging, and provide additional learning opportunities
  • Most products come with step by step instructions or tutorials to complete the activities
  • Additional support can be obtained through our exclusive student/parent portal
  • Students can showcase and share their project through our porta.
  • If your product bundles includes a course, you will receive a completion certificate
  • Our product bundles are very affordable; compare the value you are receiving

Check out our Christmas-themed product bundles and start getting Creative!

We also have something for kids who love to build using bricks. Combine Micro: Bit, motors, LEDs, and bricks to take your creativity to the next level! This kit contains almost 200 bricks and a range of Micro: Bit accessories. The kit comes with parts and instructions to build 6 models. Kids can build and code a bricks car, traffic lights, a smart desk lamp, wipers, temperature-triggered fan, and a catapult. 

Creative Kids STEM bundle

Are you an Arduino fan? We have a range of Arduino starter project kits and accessories to choose from as well.

Check out our new Creative store.