FunDo Kids is now AARAS Education

We have received a lot of interest and support from our customers, schools and the broader community in the last couple of years and we are re-branding to truly reflect our vision and values.

We started with workshops that allowed kids to build different models out of bricks and learn STEM fundamentals in the process. We quickly realised that kids must be continually challenged to keep them engaged and to truly explore their potential. Since then, we have developed and introduced a number of new programs such as Google CS First Coding Club. Real-world robotics challenge, Junior Hackathon, FIRST(®) LEGO(®) League Junior and more recently LEGO(®) Mindstorms(®) EV3 programs that allow students to go beyond just joining a few bricks together to use these skills in a meaningful way to solve problems and develop as individuals in the process. We also helped a number of schools and teachers to introduce STEM in the classroom. We feel really proud to have influenced over a thousand students in a very short time.

With AARAS Education, we plan to take this to the next level with the introduction of new programs, website, tools, rewards, and competitions. We also realised that we have an opportunity to make a real difference in promoting STEM education especially with girls and the underprivileged. We will be doing all we can to seize this opportunity; we are starting with offering free coding workshops. We are looking for ideas and parents who can help us with this cause.

Thank you and we look forward to 2018.

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