Patience is a Virtue!

When was the last time your child had to work on something difficult, something that tried their patience, something they failed at, but they had the interest and patience to see-through the challenge? And the feeling on their face when they finally complete the task?

In the world of instant gratification, there are very limited opportunities for today’s generation to learn and practice these skills. Robotics is one such tool that more than just putting together some blocks and coding it. It challenges students to work through various components, troubleshoot problems one at a time to achieve the objective.

Here are a couple of Australian Academy of Robotics And STEM Education students at Parramatta East Public School who have completed the Introduction to LEGO® Mindstorms® EV3 course and took on the challenge to use what they learned about sensors, motors, and coding to create a little EV3 story. Congratulations to both of them.