TED-ED Student Talk Program

One of our philosophies is to make global programs accessible to students in Australia. This journey started with AARAS Education bringing the Google CS First coding program to students in Western Sydney and now the TED-ED Student Talk Program.

TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) doesn’t need an introduction. Who hasn’t heard of and have been inspired by a TED talk? TED is the epitome of sharing inspiring ideas in the most innovative and engaging ways and many public speakers dream about speaking on the TED stage and attendees pay tens of thousands of dollars to attend the TED conferences. TED speakers go through an intensive program to curate their topic and present their talks through storytelling.

The TED-ED student talk program is developed in the same spirit that encourages our youth to participate in the global conversation. It helps them identify their passion, curate their story through a structured curriculum and share their ideas through a TED-style talk.

We pride ourselves in providing opportunities for our students to apply their newly acquired Coding and Robotics skills to solve real-world problems. Our special STEM projects such as RoboCup Junior, FIRST® LEGO® League (FLL), and FLL Junior focuses on developing 21st-century soft skills including problem-solving, collaboration, and teamwork. We see the introduction of the TED-ED student talk program as an extension of these programs and it will allow our students additional opportunities to develop their problem solving and public speaking skills.

This program is not open to the public and only a few organisations and a handful of private schools in Australia offer this program. We are excited and proud to have been trusted by the TED-ED team to deliver this program. The best part, it is offered to AARAS Education students at no cost. Read more about the TED-ED program here.

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