2018 Wrap

2018 has been a busy and an exciting year for the team at AARAS Education. Here are some highlights!

Darcy Road Incursions

We were invited to deliver skills-based incursions for the entire school from K to 6 at Darcy Road Public School. We engaged more than 500 students and used a range of resources during our incursions. Here are some highlights.

RoboCup Junior at UNSW

In 2018, we mentored our students to participate in RoboCup Junior (OnStage category) at UNSW. Students were required to program their robots to dance on music and they can join in the fun too. We had 5 teams from various schools participate in this competition.

FLL Junior – Mission Moon at Macquarie University

We were really excited about this year’s challenge topic – Mission Moon! We had more than 50 students from all of our schools work together in teams to research, ideate and solve the real-world challenge of sustaining life on the moon. We ventured to the PowerHouse Museum as well as used virtual reality to visit a real moon base. The Expo at Macquarie University was the highlight of this program where judges came around and spoke to our students about their projects and all students were recognised for there hard work.

FLL Senior

In 2018, we also kicked off FLL senior program. Our experienced students who are learning coding/robotics for more than a year have started to prepare for 2019 FLL senior program. Here is the progress we have made thus far. This looks easy but it ain’t easy!


DXC Coding Challenge

Another external event our students participated in this year is the DXC coding challenge. We challenged our experienced students to develop their own game using Scratch Programming. Our students who were as young as 8 years old worked together to plan, design, code, test, document and publish their games. They were recognised by DXC and us at the AARAS_One event.

AARAS_One / Most Likely to Succeed

Finally, we also held our inaugural annual STEM event to showcase our students work to our school community. The event started with the screening of a globally acclaimed film “Most Likely to Succeed” followed by our Mission Moon team showcase. As we keep saying, we are here for teaching life lessons to students – coding/robotics are just tools. Do you see the projects and posters are on the floor? Our students had their own share of adversities to overcome on the day with broken projects a few minutes before the showcase due to strong winds.


The real highlight for us in 2018 was the partnership with IDX to inspire and train aboriginal elders and leaders from all around the country who are now training aboriginal kids on coding/robotics in their communities.


We are even more excited and looking forward to the possibilities in 2019.