2019 FLL Junior Kick Off

FIRST® LEGO® League Junior program is designed for young children aged 6-10 years working as a team to discover how science and technology impact the world around them as it features real-world challenges to be explored through research, critical thinking and imagination.

This is our 4th year in participating in this global STEM program. We have more than 100 kids from the Parramatta area, participating in this global STEM program of solving real-world problems. This year’s theme is BOOMTOWN BUILD, students have been researching about the theme and have come up with lots of interesting real-world problems, one team named ‘The Hospital Crew’ have selected the problem of emergency departments in hospitals being too small with limited beds, their solution is to expand and build bigger emergency departments in hospitals by building more levels to fit more beds for patients. Another team called ‘The Awesome A’s’ have selected the problem of how structures of houses are damaged during cyclones, as a team, they have come up with the solution of building cyclone proof houses by building the house with steel.

In term 4, students will continue their learning of the theme topic and refine their solutions. Students will be provided with additional resources including Virtual Reality, LEGP® Robotics and thousands of LEGO® pieces to develop their model. Each team will also develop a ‘Show Me Poster’ to share their project learning with others. Students will participate in an Expo organised by AARAS Education to showcase their learning and ideas with their peers, teachers and community members. Selected teams will attend a second Expo organised by Macquarie University.

This STEM program is a great way to expose students to their 21st-century skills such as teamwork, problem-solving, collaboration, and critical thinking skills.

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