FLL Journal – 7 Sep

Crane Journal 1:

What we Did:

Today we experimented with code to get our robot moving forwards, backward, and turn so that we could push the blue cube into the blue circle. After that, we talked to the builders so that they could make arms for us to press the levers.

What we Learnt:

We learned that sometimes we don’t succeed at first so we need to take it slowly and try again. We also learned that it is very beneficial to the team to have team members of different strengths.

Problems we Faced:

Some problems we found was that the robot was slanted and we had to keep increasing and decreasing rotations and speed. Our robot sometimes went too far back and at other times went too far forwards. To solve these problems we tweaked the code and asked for help to get the robot moving straight.

Bridge Journal 1:

What we learned

We found out how much power and rotations we needed to navigate to the bridge.


Some problems we encountered were that the robot was stuck and was not able to get on the bridge. It was also hard to get our robot to turn at the exact rotation. It was also slanted so it was hard to stay on the bridge.


We had to pull some pieces out because the robot was getting stuck on the edge of the bridge. We turned the robot around because at first, we thought it would be easier. This solved our problem that it kept on turning unexpectedly on the bridge.