Creative Kids Voucher Use Options

If you are looking to use your $50 Creative Kids Voucher and get your child to learn something fun and creative, then you have come to the right place.

We at the Australian Academy of Robotics And STEM Education are a premier provider of Coding, Robotics, and STEM programs nationwide. We work with students from Kindy to high school and offer them age appropriate Coding, Robotics, and STEM programs. Our programs are skills based, rather than activity based. i.e. Students actually learn a skill rather than do an activity with no outcome. Even better, our programs are offered in more than 15 schools/locations around Sydney and online so no matter where you are located we can provide your child a learning opportunity using the Creative Kids voucher. Here are your options for using the Creative Kids voucher with us before they expire on 31st Jan 2024:

  1. Jan Online School Holiday Program
  2. April Face to Face School Holiday Program
  3. Term Programs – Creative Coding and Robotics, Coding, Robotics or High School Engineering Program

As per the government guidelines you are not able to use the Creative Kids Voucher to purchase any type of art and craft or STEM activity kits anymore. 2023 Creative Kids Vouchers expire on 31st Jan 2024 and can be used for the holiday programs or our term programs if registered prior to 31st Jan 2024.

So what are you waiting for! Register your child in our programs now.